What Is An Lgv Driver

An LGV driver is one who drives a Large Goods Vehicle. This driver will transport goods from one customer dock to another usually all over the UK.
Some LGV drivers will even drive goods internationally. Some of the departure and arrival destinations that LGV drivers will work from and to include warehouses, depots, and distribution centers. Other establishments that drivers work with are retail chains, supermarkets, and manufacturers.
LGV drivers will transport goods on vehicles that weigh at least 7.5 tonnes. Examples of LGV vehicles include rigid trucks (all one unit), tankers, transporters, and trailers.
The driver of an LGV vehicle has other duties besides driving an LGV vehicle. For example, they work with transport managers to plan deliveries and routes and they oversee the unloading and the loading of goods.
Other duties of an LGV driver would be to make sure all loads are secured and to do all necessary paperwork. For instance, drivers will usually have a logbook that they would write in as well as delivery records to complete.
An LGV driver usually will be required to drive in all whether conditions. Most of these types of drivers work about 40-45 hours a week and will sometimes have to spend overnights away from home. Some drivers will work more than this.
There is a law governing the amount of hours that a person can drive at one time before needing to take a break. It is important that you know this information while preparing yourself for your future LGV career.
While training for an LGV driver position, you will also want to learn qualifications are required to becoming one. For instance, you will need to know that it is require that you be competent in English and Math (at least at a basic level) to secure a driving position of this nature. .
Furthermore, it is important that you know that you must be at least 18 years of age for certain types of driving jobs and 21 years old for other types of driving jobs. However, there is a Young Driver’s Scheme” for those who want to be prepared to drive by the time they are of the appropriate age.
Usually people who want to drive an LGV vehicle are either trained by the company who has hired them or they are trained by a private instructor. The amount of training needed to become an LGV driver depends upon how much prior training and experience a driver has had.
There will be new requirements for drivers who wish to drive as of the year 2009. Every driver after this time will be required to obtain both a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) as well as a Driver CPC. Furthermore, after every five years drivers will be required to renew their training by taking 35 hours worth of new instruction.
An LGV driver usually works for another company. However, some drivers are self-employed after they get their license. There are no shortage of jobs for those who want to pursue this career and it is ideal for those who enjoy being out on the open road.
The amount that can be earned as a driver varies by experience. Newly licensed drivers can earn between 12,500 to approximately 14,500 per year. More experienced drivers may earn up to 30,000 per year. Drivers of fuel and chemical tankers can earn up to 35,000 a year.

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